Thana Redhawk

THANA REDHAWK As an influential eloquent speaker, published poet and award winning spoken word artist, Thana Redhawk is a heaARTivist for the evolution in human consciousness. Through her poetry, music, activism and honoring sacred purpose in each being, she prays to empower others by decolonizing hearts through rEmbering what it means to be a cosmic frequency human being and love is power.


Thana is the Co-Founder of Ntv Native Music TeleVision and Content Producer 

Thana formerly hosted the radio show’s called Native Voices Radio on KPFN in Mendocino County, Ca and Native Nations Radio / Apache Radio. 

Award winning Spoken Word artist and 7 time Nominee

Nominee Best Female Artist of the Year 2018 Native American Music Awards
Nominee on Collaboration with Mohiks Eagle Fire 2018 NAMA
Nominee Best New Artist 2016 Native American Music Awards

Winner of 2018 Native American Music Awards 
Spoken Word Recording of the Year

Winner 2014 West Coast American Indian Music Award for 
Best Spoken Word
And Best Male/Female Duo of the Year (Medz Hawk)
and is a Voting Member of the Grammy's. 

Thana's spoken word and music inspire's generations.

 Thana feels we are here not to impress others, but to leave an inspired impression by keeping prayer strong, remembering everything is sacred and everything is related.


Here to plant fearless beauty of the healing of hearts, minds and spirits... we are the prayers of thousands of seeds the anceStars planted while singing the songs of creation...


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